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    Privacy Notice


    Our privacy policy informs you of how your personal data gathered by Primrose are used in accordance with the new The General Data Protection Regulation2106/679 (The General Data Protection Regulation 2106/679).



    The General Data Protection Regulation 2106/679 illustrates how organisations, such as Primrose International (USAR SERVICES LTD e PRIMROSE INTERNATIONAL LONDON LTD) must gather, manage and archive personal information.

    These rules must be applied regardless of the fact that the data are archived electronically, on paper or other materials.

    To respect the rules, the personal information must be gathered and used correctly, stored safely and not divulged illegaly.

    - Be treated equally and legally
    - Be requested only for specific and legitimate reasons.
    - Be adequate, pertinent and not excessive
    - Be precise and adjourned
    - Not be held longer than necessary.
    - Must be elaborated accordingly to the rights of the person interested
    - Be protected in appropiate ways
    - Not be transferred outside of the UE, unless said country or territory guarantees an adequate level of protection



    Whoever works for or with Primrose International has the responsability to guarantee that the data is gathered, archived and managed appropriately.

    Each team that manages the personal data must guarantee that they are managed and elaborated following Primrose policy and the data protection principles.



    The only people able to access the data covered by this policy are those who only use it for labour purposes.
    The data must not be shared informally. When the access to the reserved information is required, employees can access them through their direct manager.
    Primrose International must train all employees to help them comprehend their responsabilities in managing information.
    Employees must keep all data safe by adopting all the necessary precautions.
    Personal data must not be divulged to unauthorized people , inside the agency or outside.
    Data must be inspected and adjourned periodically. If no longer necessary they must be eliminated.



    These rules describe how and where these data must be archived safely.

    When data are archived on paper, they must be stored in a safe place where unauthorized personnel can't look at them.
    These guidelines can be also applied to data that are usually archived electronically but are then printed on paper.
    When not required , the papers or the files must be stored in a drawer or a locked cabinet.
    Employees must make sure that te papers and the printed copies are not left in places where unauthorized people can look at them, for exmple , on the printer or the desks.
    The printed copies must be ripped and disposed of when not necessary any more. 

    When the data are archived electronically they must be protected by unauthorized acesses, accidental cancellations and illegal hacking attempts:

    - The data must be protected by adequate passwords that are changed regularly and never shared by the employees.
    - If the data are archived on removable media (for es. CD / DVD),these must be kept blocked safely when not utilized.
    - The servers containingpersonal information must positioned in a safe place like a locker or a locked drawer.
    - The data must be saved frequently. These backup must be tested regularly in accordance with society's standard backup procedures.



    Personal data are used by Primrose international exclysively for internal purposes, always according to the law and upon autorization of the user. However, when personal data are accessible there is the risk of loss, corruption and theft.

    - While working with personal data, employees must make sure that computer screens are locked when left unattended.
    - Personal data must not be shared in an informal context. In particular, communication via e-mails is not a safe way of exchanging data.
    - Data must be encrypted before the transmission. The IT provider should explain how to send data to exthernal authorized contacts.
    - Personal data should'n be transmitted outside the European Economic Area.
    - Employees must not save copies of personal data on their computers. They must enter and upload the central source of data.



    According to the law, Primrose International must adopt appropriate policies to guarantee accuracy and update of data. 

    - Every employee must adopt appropriate measures to keep data accurate and updated. 

    - Data must be saved in the lowest number possible. Not necessary copies should not be created.

    - Data should be updated as many time as possible. Through the agency web site data should be progressively updated every time an inaccuracy is being found. For example, if a client cannot be reached by the mobile phone number given, this should be removed from the database. 

    - It's the head of marketing responsibility to guarantee that databases are checked with killfiles every six months.



    Upon request individuals can have access to their personal data by filling a form and sending it to  [email protected] with objct: CONTROL PERSONAL DATA REQUEST FORM  or sending th rquest to 106 HIGH STREET N8 7NT London.

    The person in charge will provide the required data within 30 days, always upon identity verification of the applicant.



    In some occasions, the general regulation on data protection allow data distribution to police forces without the agreement of the person involved.

    In this case Primrose international will reveal the required data. However the person in charge will assure the legitimacy of the enquiry asking for legal advice if necessary.



    Primrose International wants to guarantee that the person has total knowledge about data processing and awarness about: 

    - How data are used
    - How to exercise their rights

    For this purpose, the company has a privacy statement that establish how personal data are used.



    Primrose International can collect and use the following type of personal information for:
    - information about your adress of our website
    - information you used to register to our website
    - information about your transactions on our website
    - information you used to subscribe to the services of our website
    - any other information sent to


    Primrose International can use your personal information to:
    - manage our website;
    - personalize our website for you;
    - enable the access and the usage of our services in the webpage;
    - pubblish information about you in our website;
    - send you the products you purchase;
    - provide you the services you purchase;
    - send you statements and invoices;
    - receive payments;
    - send you marketing advertisements

    - If Primrose International gives your personal information to its agents or partners, they must use the above-mentioned information in compliance with the law and privacy regulations.

    - Primrose International can publish your personal information in compliance with the low and/or according to any legal procedure or potential legal procedure, with the aim of establishing, exerting or defending its own legal rights.

    -Primrose International will take all the necessary technical and organizational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information.

    - All the information about electronic transactions made through this website are protected by cryptography and Secure Sockets Layers certificates (SSL)

    - All the informations collected by Primrose International can be storaged, elaborated and transferred to any country operates in with the aim of enabling the use of information in allowance with this policy.

    - Your personal information sent for the online pubblication will be on the Net, available all over the workld.

    - Primrose International can update this policy at any time, publishing a new version on this website. It's your responsibility to check once in a while this page to be up to date about our internal privacy policy. 


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    Primrose International is not responsible for others' privacy policies or regulations.

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    For any further question about our privacy policy or data treatment please do not hesitate to contact Primrose International CONTACT US