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    2 years in London 

    Primrose gave me a chance to change my life! I'm a girl from south Italy that didn't have a future in her country. Thanks to the staff at Primrose i found an accomodation and the possibility of finding employment in England ,that , when i first arrived, was a country completely new to me . I've now lived in London for two years and I'm satisfied of my job and my life.In London I found everything i was looking for , it's a big city full of occasions , you just have to meet the right people to help you in the beginning when you know nothing about the the place you're going to and what you'll find.  Lucia


     AU PAIR in Bristol (Ragazza alla Pari)

    Iam so satisfied of what they've done for me. The agency chose the families that best suited my profile to allow me to have a wider choice by taking more than one interview and during the whole process i was carefully followed and helped in making the right decision.Always available if ever you need some sort of clarification! Now I work as an au pair for a wonderful family , and if I ever need help for anything I have the guarantee that the team that helped me in the beginning of this new experience will alwase be at my disposal( essential detail, not to underestimate)
    Thanks guys! Great job! Simona 


    AU PAIR in London (Ragazza alla Pari)

    My English wasn’t very good, I studied it at school in Italy but I couldn’t practice it or improve it, Primrose gave me the chance to stay with a family in London for six months that I then extended to 12. For a year I was provided with board and lodging and a weekly pay of 100 pounds. For a whole year I practiced and improved my English. I’m completely satisfied with the service and I think that as soon as I have a break from my current job I shall benefit from an English course and an accommodation in a family. I would recommend anybody to trust Primrose and its helpful and always available team. Giovanna


    Moving in London 

    The Primrose team helped me obtain my N.I.N. since the first week, they helped me open a bank account and on my arrival I received a sim card and was shown the offers I could benefit from. They took me to my new home and explained to me how to use public transport and the oyster card. All the arrangements concerning the English course were made before my arrival so I didn’t experience any problems and my curriculum had also already been translated so I found everything already ready for me. They were always ready to assist me, for any problem I could call the reference numbers they gave me or I could go to their office, they were always at my disposal for the whole duration of my stay. I can say with absolute conviction that my experience was very positive. In the end after having worked in a restaurant for a few months I was hired by them and I now work for Primrose. Gabriele